Industrial Noodle Production Line series,Perfect Solutions for all type of noodles

Cultural Concept


  Use character to create products, with products to achieve customers


  Pioneering and enterprising, striving for life, self-esteem and self-improvement, gratitude and virtue.

  Unity and dedication, share honor and disgrace, help and learn from each other, and build home together.

Team growth:

  Brainstorm, dare to be the first.


cultural concept

  Continuous learning and continuous summary; good at discovering problems and making reasonable suggestions.

  Caring about subordinates, paying attention to work methods, helping employees grow, and authorizing reasonably. Standardize the on-the-job work with procedures and standards and accept supervision and inspection, so as to be completed on the same day. Strictly abide by the company system, and constantly check and improve, and use standardized management to avoid repeated problems.

Vision and operating principles:

  Honest, pragmatic, rigorous, efficient and innovative. Make Dongfang machine the first choice of customers. Attentively experience customer feelings, constantly study customer needs, actively respond to customer needs, provide satisfactory solutions for them, provide customers with differentiated services, and adhere to standardized services.