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Non-fried instant noodles


     Non-fried instant noodles are made with similar techniques compared to fried instant noodles.The difference between

them is   that   the non-fried instant noodles are dried with hot air. They do not have the frying process. Furthermore, non-fried instant noodles have a lighter taste. It also suits vegetarians. Cholesterol-free non-fried instant noodles are a brand new choice for consumers.

Non-fried instant noodles have the following characteristics:

The drying time is long and the noodles are finely organized. The oil content is less, so it is close to the raw flour and

has a light taste. The drying speed is fast, and there is no difference between the produced non-fried noodle cake

and fried noodle cake except oil-free; compared with the noodle cake produced by other drying equipment, the same

kind of noodle cake has a large weight, large volume, and full appearance.



non-fried instant noodle production process:

First, mix the wheat and the brine. After mixing and rolling, successive sticky noodles are rolled into thin sheets. Rolling is the process of curing dough, through rolling the sheet gradually pressed into specified thickness.  The conveyor belt transports the noodle sheet moves to the blades on the slitter. Therefore, the sheet could be cut into noodles. The cutting knife is installed below the last roll. Then the noodles are fed into the noodle steamer at a certain speed through the belt. Steaming makes noodles gelatinized more than 85%. 

After the noodles go out of the steaming box, they are sprayed to make the noodles absorb water and soften, and then enter the cutting machine to set the length and cut off. The cut strip falls into the box after blowing and shaping and finally slides into the drying machine through the sliding panel. 

Choosing the right non-fried instant noodles machine is extremely important. It is advisable to take expert advice on getting the most suitable machine according to your specific requirement and make sure of all the quality and profitability of the product. 



Dongfang noodle production line features:

1. The produced noodles are evenly puffed and have good rehydration, Noodles are elastic and chewy

2. High output and good stability;

3. The whole production line adopts PLC interface control, easy to operate; 

4. Fully automatic box feeing no manual work needed, speeds up work efficiency; 






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