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Fresh noodles

Fresh noodles are one of the most important staples in Chinese food. There are two types of fresh noodles, raw fresh noodles and ripen fresh noodles. Raw fresh noodles are uncooked noodles. Ripen fresh noodles are half-cooked fresh noodles. Both of them are usually rich in water. In general, fresh noodles use no preservatives and have a short shelf life.If fresh noodles are vacuum-packed or refrigerated to preserve, the shelf life can be extended. The taste of fresh noodles is close to homemade noodles. They are full of vitamins and nutrients and are healthier for the body. Consumers are more willing to eat healthy and delicious fresh noodles.


Fresh noodles are bright in color, smooth in taste, resistant to boiling, and not easy to paste. People have created a lot of ways to eat fresh noodles. Such as soup noodles with vegetables, fried noodles, sesame paste mixed with noodles, cold noodles, ramen, Saimin, and so on. There is a huge potential market for fresh noodles. If it is promoted, it will attract more customers.


Fresh and ripen fresh noodle production process:

1. Firstly, mix the flour and saltwater to make the dough. The dough then passes through the ripen conveyor and goes into the rollers. The dough sheet will be adjusted to the appropriate thickness and then shred. The machine will then sprinkle powder to prevent adhesion. Finally, the noodles will be folded, weighed, and packed.

Ripen fresh noodle strands are steamed in a steamer and softened with water through rinsing or steeping. It is often prepared by mixing or stir-frying for consumption.

2. The basic process of dough mixing, sheet forming, and cutting are essentially constant for fresh noodles. The different parts are the following procedures.

First steamed and then boiled, noodles thoroughly cooked;

Fluffier, restream to prevent regeneration;

Fluffier, cut off, pack and refrigerate;

Choosing the right fresh noodles machine is extremely important. It is advisable to take expert advice on getting the most suitable machine according to your specific requirement and make sure of the quality and profitability of the product.


Decades of production experience make Dongfang noodle production line more and more mature. These are features of the Dongfang noodle machine:

Water sealed three-layer steamer, saving energy and reducing consumption

Made of stainless steel for hygiene and ease of cleaning;

Electrical part adapting digital control, display on the touch screen

Electric adjusting dough sheet thickness, no manual operation;

Convenient loading of the scarper, pressure can be adjusted by random, no damage to the roller.


Customer Show

 Our equipments of  instant noodles and stick noodles have covered over 60% of the sales market in China, reaching over thirty countries and regions, such as the United States, Canada, East Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa, winning approvals among customers both at home and abroad.

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