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Win International Business Challenges With Details and Professional

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Sep 18,2022


Company news

The international business situation in 2022 is more severe than in 2021: the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has caused the international price of wheat flour to skyrocket, and the international palm oil is also in short supply. Due to the war epidemic and other reasons, many countries have extremely low dollar reserves and restrict imports. Despite the changing environment, we are continuous receiving orders from all over the world.

As we all know, there is no simple and easy thing in the world. In the face of new difficulties and challenges, we can only do what we can do, and guide customers to do preparation work when they receive the noodle machines before installation.

No matter how difficult the situation is, we always do our best to communicate about the installation with customers.

We promise each customer noodle factory will definitely finish the installation and commission work. Giving customers online remote guidance has become a necessary skill and commonplace for us.

The assistance of the foreign trade department has also become an important part of this service. Miss. Jennifer and Miss. Sara, two professional salesperson of the foreign trade department, also know that practice brings true knowledge. Faced with these complex technical problems, they overcome difficulties and actively consult technicians and installation engineers.

First of all, we need to translate the installation guidance documents including mechanical and electrical installation drawings, pipeline diagrams, circuit diagrams and manuals, etc.; and then do a good job of communication between customers and our technical engineers.

Chief electrical engineer Mr. Liu Chuanlong also needs to solve the difficulties of on-site debugging and installation for customers through video and remote control. These back-and-forth translation and communication work require us to be patient and careful to interpret and answer.

As a salesperson, we use pictures and videos to explain the mechanical and electrical configuration and structure to customers in detail, and help customers complete the preliminary preparations. Through continuous mutual cooperation and effort, the early equipment communication and connection tasks have been successfully completed, laying a good foundation for future installation engineers to go.

Under the severe international business situation, we always keep in mind that we should have countermeasures to deal with the crisis, constantly learn to improve our ability, and adjust our strategy to adapt to the changes in the international situation. The Dongfang noodle machine needs high-quality employees with a large pattern to support our brighter future tomorrow. We hope that we can play the role of the mainstay in the future and contribute our own blood and strength.