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Dongfang is not afraid of hardships and innovation

Release time:

May 28,2022




"There is no difficulty in the world, only those who have a heart", Mr. Chen Kebing, Chief engineer of Dongfang Heroes, is not afraid of hardships and innovation, and leads the R&D team to follow the innovation issued by the company under the circumstances of short time, heavy tasks, many difficulties and many innovation points. Tasks and innovative tasks created by oneself or with special requirements of users should be reasonably arranged, carried out simultaneously, and fully committed to the implementation. In just half a year, technological innovation has created miracles.

  1. The instant non-fried noodle production line is very innovative and bold, and has achieved the goal of being brand new in the company and the most advanced in the industry; the new non-fried cooking type noodle production line uses raw noodles into the box and steaming. Then drying,it is the first case in China will bring bright market prospects for the future . This type noodle has good quality, stable weight and perfect shape, which is a major breakthrough.
  2. The new fresh noodle production line realizes the multi-purpose automation of rolling, waving and arranging into boxes, and the development of this product is unprecedented in the market.

If there is effort, there will be results. In less than half a year, We have achieved the peak of dongfang innovation and created an unprecedented history. We believe our company will definitely move forward on the road of product innovation, and the future can be expected to dominate the domestic and foreign markets.