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The output value of my country's food and packaging machinery industry has increased rapidly

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Dec 25,2020


Industry News

  It was learned from the 2010 China Food Machinery Engineering Construction and Process Technology Application Development Forum that my country's food and vacuum packaging machine industry is developing rapidly. In 2010, the total production value of my country's food and packaging machinery industry was 175.1 billion yuan, a growth rate of 18%. Calculated at this rate, the total production value in 2015 should reach 400 billion yuan.

  Among them, the development space of modern food machinery equipment is also very broad. As of 2009, there were nearly 21,000 designated food processing plants in my country, and about 90% of fermentation tank enterprises were in a backward state of workshop-style manual or semi-mechanical food processing. The Secretary-General of the Food Processing Machinery Committee of the China Food Association stated that this has brought new opportunities and challenges to the technological progress and innovation of localized equipment.

  What is the reason for the price increase of food, this is not clear for the time being, it needs to be analyzed, but the price increase of food has caused food machinery sellers to "hit". When the price of food increases, the price of machinery should also increase? What are the business opportunities for machinery? ?Where is the growth point of the sterilization pot?

  With the changes in modern consumption trends and the improvement of consumer tastes, there is an increasing pursuit of the richness of food tastes in life, which has led to the development of food production in multiple varieties and small batches, and then various types of food machinery are popular in the market. .

  In addition, in addition to the greater demand for restaurants and restaurants in cities, the rural market also has a strong demand for food machinery. With the improvement of farmers' living standards, many rural people are paying more and more attention to the quality of life. Modern food machinery provides convenience for their lives. Therefore, food machinery developed for the rural market has been widely welcomed by farmers. Especially food machinery such as noodle machines, heating furnaces, dumpling machines, etc., currently have a broad market in rural areas.

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