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Shipment during COVID-19

Release time:

Apr 26,2021



In 2020, COVID-19 spread both at home and abroad, which has not only brought a heavy strike to the world economy and international trade, but also impacted our production and sales work since the foreign customers were inconvenient to visit our production equipment locally. Besides, due to the epidemic, the shipping time was tight, loading and unloading tasks were heavy, and the shipping situation became severe. Dongfang adjusted its sale and negotiation method in time in response to these special circumstances, and communicated with our customers about the shipping and shipment as soon as possible so that we could forbid any mistakes about business and delivery.

Facing with the urgent port delivery time, the factory directors led their workers to carry out the loading work day and night. Under their intensive and methodical arrangements, we quickly loaded every container without missing the international shipping schedule. In addition, we arranged the shipping schedules and payment collections around the Spring Festival with high efficiency. The workshops completed total 34pcs 40HQ loading tasks of Bangladesh, South Africa, India, Kazakhstan order , including fried instant noodle lines and stick noodle lines and chowmain noodle lines, which showed the tacit cooperation between our factory directors and workers and the professional loading skills.

Since the second half of 2020, the international epidemic situation has eased, and its impact on foreign trade has also reduced gradually. Customers who have already purchased our production lines cant wait to install them and put them into the market. Through online videos and emails and other ways, we did remote installation instructions for them with the cooperation of our engineers and installers. By doing so, we have completed the installations of fried instant noodle production line, stick noodle production line and chowmein noodle production line in Bangladesh, Philippines and Indonesia, and ensured their smooth operation. And it is expected that these lines could quickly meet the local market demand for instant noodle and stick noodle after they were put into production.