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Patent Statement The Revolution of Dried Noodle Machine

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Dec 25,2020


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  ~The revolution of vermicelli machine-extruded noodle ribbon

  Henan Dongfang Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (formerly Henan Dongfang Food Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.) and Henan University of Technology jointly conducted special research on dried noodle equipment in 2006, and applied for a fully automatic continuous vacuum dough mixer on September 9, 2008. The patent of the surface system, patent number ZL2008.20149092.X

  The characteristics of the device:

  1. Fully automatic operation, convenient operation, and fewer operators.

  2. The noodles and water are automatically and continuously supplied in proportion, and the vacuum stirring is continuous, so that the proportion of powder and water is even.

  3. The first time the noodles are extruded, the noodle gluten is significantly improved, which is a revolution in the production of dried noodles.

  Our company hereby declares that since the date when our company was granted the above-mentioned patent, any unit or individual without the written permission or authorization of our company adopts the above-mentioned patented method to manufacture, use, and sell this technical equipment, in accordance with the "Patent Law of the People's Republic of China" ”And the Regulations for the Implementation of the Patent Law, both constitute an infringement of the above-mentioned patent rights of our company, and our company will pursue its legal responsibility.

  Henan Dongfang Machinery Group Co., Ltd. December 18, 2013