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Refusing to accept difficulties

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Dec 25,2020


Company news

  As the epidemic eased into April, our company's production has gradually entered a peak period. As a large-scale food production enterprise in Hainan Free Trade Zone, Hainan Hengfeng Company has a large investment project this year. It has successively purchased 4 sets of our company’s dried noodles and instant noodles equipment, of which 2020-4-2#2 sets of 1000-type dried noodles were in early April. The contract was signed because the other party requested the goods to arrive on April 28, and the production time for our company was quite tight. The head office attaches great importance to this, and the chairman of the board has led the establishment of a special work leading group to track and supervise the whole process from equipment configuration determination, technical design, parts production and procurement, equipment assembly, equipment acceptance and delivery schedule.

  My Noodle Machine Company acted immediately after receiving the contract. General Manager Li Chunlei organized a configuration meeting to determine the technical status of the equipment and arranged for the R&D department to work overtime to draw drawings. After the workshop got the drawings, immediately combined with the schedule made by the company's work leadership team, put in a plan for machining parts and declared the purchase plan, and at the same time arranged the workshop for production and assembly. On April 13th, the chairman found that the production progress of the drying room was slow when inspecting the workshop and was very dissatisfied. On the morning of April 14th, the company’s management staff was notified of a meeting. At the meeting, the chairman severely criticized the company’s management team. The chairman said: “In the current situation of insufficient contracts for the noodle machine company, we should cherish every production contract. With the company attaching such great importance to the establishment of a leading group and personally supervise it, there are still problems in the production organization. I am very disappointed. This team must conduct deep self-examination." At the meeting, our team, headed by Vice President of Production Sun Kaihang, assured the chairman of "complete delivery on time, quality and quantity." After the meeting, General Manager Li Chunlei convened a management leadership meeting again to deeply analyze the situation of the company in the recent period. He felt that since November last year, our Noodle Machine Company was obviously inadequate in terms of tasks. Laziness, no tenacity to overcome difficulties. Afterwards, everyone unanimously expressed their views, improved their personal ideological understanding, and regained the tenacity of our noodle machine company to be strong when it is strong and not to accept difficulties. At the meeting, Mr. Li clarified the person responsible for the implementation of Contract 4-2 on a single-machine basis, and requested unconditional guarantee of timely delivery. After everyone returned to the workshop, they acted quickly and redeployed the personnel. The overtime work that should be worked overtime is responsible for each. After more than ten consecutive days of overtime work, the first vehicle was loaded and shipped on April 26. Our mission was achieved. victory. The installation personnel arrived at the site on April 30, marking the completion of the task.

  Through this task, our noodle machine company has recovered ourselves. We refuse to accept the difficulties, we are strong when we meet the strong, and we are up to the difficulties, and we have the determination and confidence to overcome all difficulties!

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