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Welcome to the leaders of the Noodle Products Branch of the Chinese Cereals and Oils Association to guide our work

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Jun 19,2020


Media reports

On October 28-29, 2015, the conference notice on holding the "China Cereals and Oils Association Noodle Products Branch Inaugural Meeting" and the "First Noodle Products Industry Development Forum". The sales company has since received the notice that General Manager Guo Guojian, Deputy General Manager Bao Jin, and Deputy General Manager Fan Tianming held a special meeting for this meeting and actively prepared all the work related to the meeting. Our company is honored to be the co-organizer of this conference, and welcome all industry experts who participated in the conference to visit our company for inspection and guidance!

On the morning of October 29th, Mr. Wei personally gave a detailed introduction to the delegates on the appearance, performance and characteristics of the cross-border host developed by our company; secondly, he introduced the unloading equipment of the manipulator of our company; The integrated machine production line developed by our company (dumpling skin, fresh wet noodles, won stewed skin) and the cooked fresh noodle production line developed by our company were introduced in detail; finally, the participants were organized to the meeting room on the third floor of our company office building Conducted interactive communication.

Through this meeting, our company deeply realized that in today's increasingly fierce market competition, only innovation can not be eliminated by the market. To this end, our company, under the correct leadership of the chairman of the board, adheres to the principle of making the original equipment refined and detailed, and must increase the development of new products to meet the different production needs of customers and meet the needs of product diversification; So that our company has a firm foothold in the entire dough machine manufacturing industry, making it stronger and bigger!

is truly the backbone and pillar of the flour industry!

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