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Dongfang Plan installation in advance to save time for customer

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Jun 19,2022


Company news

In 2022, overseas market department in Dongfang noodle machine group successfully send all the automatic noodle machines to customers countries. Now we are arranging the installation schedule and all the details for engineers.

As the Chinese government requires returnees to be quarantined for a month. If the engineers goes abroad to install once and then returns to China, it will probably delay other customer's production plan. Therefore, we make the installation plan in advance to ensure that the fried instant noodle production line is installed for each customer.

 Our overseas market responsible person Ms.Annie Wang planned the itinerary, visa, air tickets and other matters before each engineer went abroad. Every time we dispatch engineers go abroad, we have to coordinate and install the equipment of 2-5 customers, so we need to negotiate with different customers for time, urge customers to prepare for installation, apply for multi-country visas in advance, and sort out the installation schedule and time connection of each customer.



In addition, due to the impact of the epidemic and the international situation, some countries have a low success rate in issuing visas, such as Vietnam and India, which has added a lot of difficulty to us. However, in order to ensure that the customer can test the machine as soon as possible, we did not turn a deaf ear, and could only do our best to assist the customer to contact the embassy, actively prepare all the required documents, and strive to provide the most detailed project cooperation information, so as to obtain the visa as soon as possible.


Up to now, most of the noodle machine equipment for foreign orders in 2021 has been installed, and Serbia BFP-1000 fried instant noodle production line  and Vietnam fried instant noodle machine  are also in place. We are also very grateful to the engineers who have worked hard and are not afraid of the danger of going abroad for installation. They have been out for more than half a year or even a year. They never work or tiredness. They never stop the installation travel, just to obtain customer satisfaction and recognition, and jointly spread the popularity of the Dongfang noodle machine brand abroad!