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Large-scale capacity 1.08million pcs/day instant noodle production lines set up in Turkey for OBA

Release time:

Aug 10,2022


Company news

We are proud to inform that three sets of our New Type BFP-1000 Fried instant noodle production line, have been installed and successfully starting production at our customer OBA Makarna In Hendek, Turkey. This new plant of OBA with our 3 sets of production line has the capacity for producing instant noodles 3.24 million pcs/day.

OBA Makarnacılık San. ve Tic. A.Ş. Founded in Gaziantep in 1966. it is the largest company in the industry by being the 1st in Turkey and 2nd in the world in terms of 1.500 tons of wheat crushing per day and 1.000 tons/day of pasta production. The brand of Oba is on the shelves of 86 countries.

Despite all the problems due to the Covid-19 situation, specialists of the customer together with Dongfang technicians, did a great job during the installation and start-up of the machines, respecting the project schedule of the customer.


Our New Type BFP-1000 Fried instant noodle Processing line, with all new technology including automatic flour feeding and weighing, New fully automatic roller, New Water seal single steamer, new frying system, an oil automatic filtration system, etc., Low energy consumption, large production capacity, deeply loved and trusted by customers.