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Remote Monitoring in use for noodle production line

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Nov 01,2022


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When something goes wrong with the equipment, it always helps to call an expert. Now the experts can call the equipment. 

Remote monitoring and control are increasingly an option for all types of equipmentespecially in noodle production line production use. With the cloud, data can flow on a nearly continuous basis from a plant to any location. Experts, from a machine’s original manufacturer, can tap into its output and readings to determine possible sources of problems and suggest solutions. It can significantly advance the speed and timeliness of maintenance.

Any equipment that is capable of an external connection through a PC or PLC has this capability, The key is that the equipment has to be on the same network as a monitoring device.


The latter could be any kind of computer – a laptop, tablet, or smartphone – that is connected to the equipment manufacturer or whoever is trying to help.

Remote services can run the gamut of maintenance operations, from routine to predictive to troubleshooting. One of their biggest advantages is that they can perform full, continual analysis of the stream of data they receive.

This system is already adopted in Henan Dongfang Noodle production line, our engineer now can log in from the cloud monitoring and recording the production data anywhere any time, A service like that is particularly useful with parameters that are tricky to set. Like our noodle machine has a lot of data like speed, temperature, pressure, etc. Vibration can be affected by many environmental factors. It’s best to have parameters for vibration alarms set by specialists who can analyze data streams from sensors, Remote access is a good way to expedite that scenario.


Remote monitoring can open up new vistas in maintenance. If done properly, it can greatly enhance machine maintenance and troubleshooting, especially in noodle production line production.