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Henan University of Technology's Grain and Potato Processing Technology Study Class for Developing Countries visited Henan Dongfang Noodle Machine Group

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Aug 10,2023


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Recently, with full enthusiasm and anticipation, Henan Dongfang Noodle Machine Group welcomed a group of special guests—a visiting group from the training course on grain and potato processing technology from developing countries of Henan University of Technology. The trainees of the training course are food processing professionals and students from more than a dozen different countries in Africa, Asia and South America. The purpose of the visit is to strengthen international technical exchanges and cooperation, and to promote the innovation and development of agricultural product processing technology. Now, let us review this wonderful visit and study trip together.

The visiting group first came to the meeting room of the office building of Henan Dongfang Machine Group. Members of the group's foreign trade Dpt. warmly received the guests and expressed their warm welcome and thanks for their arrival. Wang Xiaoya, director of the foreign trade Dpt., introduced the general situation, development history and technical advantages of the group, emphasized the important role of technical exchanges in promoting the field of agricultural product processing, and vividly demonstrated our company's fried instant noodle production linenon-fried instant noodle production line, dried noodle production line, extruded noodle production line and other latest equipment through videos and explanations. Then the visiting group had an in-depth exchange with us in the symposium. Members of the delegation actively expressed their views and questions, and shared their own countries' experience and challenges in agricultural product processing. We also carefully answered the questions and provided useful suggestions and guidance for their technological development.

Finally, the visiting group came to the production workshop. In the workshop, the members of the study class witnessed the production process of the noodle production lines. We also introduced the working principle and technical characteristics of the equipment, so that the trainees have a deeper understanding of the Group's technical strength in the field. During the visit, the visiting group was very excited to see the non-fried drying machine produced by us. They praised our equipment for its size and precision.

This visit and study activity brought valuable experience and enlightenment to the delegation of Henan University of Technology's grain and potato processing technology study class for developing countries, and also opened up new opportunities for technical exchanges and cooperation between Dongfang and the world. We believe that through such exchanges and interactions, the prosperity and development of global food processing technology will be further promoted, and the food processing level of developing countries will be improved.