Chowmein/Hakka noodle production line

Chowmein/Hakka noodle production line


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Chowmein/Hakka noodle production line

Chowmein noodle is a kind of noodle food similar to non-fried instant noodles. It is dried by hot air instead of fried noodles. It tastes smooth and nutritious. The noodles can be made into various shapes, such as square, round, oval and bird's nest shapes. The way to eat:boiling, which is popular in many countries.


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 Our equipments of  instant noodles and stick noodles have covered over 60% of the sales market in China, reaching over thirty countries and regions, such as the United States, Canada, East Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa, winning approvals among customers both at home and abroad


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